Saturday, July 25, 2009

Being grateful is supposed to help improve my mood

Three things I am grateful for:
  1. Free counselling because my dad was a Vietnam Veteran. Boy do I need it! Next appointment on Tuesday.
  2. The music of Taylor Swift and Lily Allen I keep hearing on the radio... it cheers me up, no end!
  3. My son's tutor, who helped us turn the kids' bedrooms back into rooms they could use, and help us organise our laundry over the school holidays.
I'm going to try to find someone to go to a movie with me today. I've been doing stuff for everyone else for so long, I'm depressed and out of sorts. Must do more nice things for myself.


  1. Hi Sapphyre, how did the counselling go Hun?

  2. Counselling is working, but I'm not sure that our current direction "Living in the moment" is working for me as my life kind of sucks! :)