Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adrenal Fatigue

I was diagnosed with functional hypoglycemia last year - a symptom of problems with my adrenals, caused by stress.

Taking vitamins. Feel much better. Will post more later.


  1. Hello,

    I too had the adrenal fatigue and an extreme case of anxiety attacks. I went the medical route and received just about every diagnostic test. Eventually, I also did the saliva test which diagnosed a pretty severe case of adrenal fatigue.

    Though grateful to the many doctors on my healing path, it was not until I incorporated natural healing methods that my health started improving.

    Colon cleansing was a big part of my getting better as was overcoming my anxiety attacks naturally.

    Well, the body really can heal. So hang in there and learn about health building methods you can incorporate into your life that could make a positive impact too.


  2. Thankyou for taking the time to post, Eryn. I checked out your website and will be following up on colon cleansing and trace metals if sorting out my adrenal fatigue doesn't sort out all my symptoms.