Thursday, October 1, 2009

20 years since high school... where does the time go?

On Saturday night, my high school class is getting together to reunite after 20 years. My best friend from Year 11 and 12 has offered to have her daughter babysit, so the kids are coming too.

I'm finally going to wear that gorgeous black dress I bought at an UnderCoverWear party years ago. It would have swum on me 18 months ago, but now fits perfectly again.

Hubby has nausea and vomiting from tramadol xr. Ah well. I hope it wears off in 48 hours, or he won't be much fun!

One of these days I plan to have more time to blog. I want to write something worth reading.


  1. Hi Sapphyre, how did your party go Hun? I have missed you so much at FlyLady is everything ok? I hope so. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    {hugs} Jilly xxx

  2. Hmm, I have moderated comments on again. Must remember how to switch that off.

    Hi Jilly, we had an absolute ball. And boy did me and my friends look young compared to the avid partiers who've been smoking and drinking regularly for at least the last 20 years :)

    Everything is okay, I'm just restricting my activities. If I havee too much to do, I get a bit stressed.

  3. Hi Sapphyre, it was great to see you back at FlyLady forum I love it when you are there.
    It's also great that you had so much fun at your reunion I am so happy for you Hun!
    Keep smiling catch you soon!

  4. I can understand about your time (or lack of it) issues - I have the same problem. My blog could have had the same title as yours with the substitution of husband instead of wife.

    I hope you had a good High School reunion event!

  5. We had a great time, Robert, thanks for writing :)