Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm back, with carer grief

It has been a while (7 months, oops!). Silly me, I thought I had everything 'under control', but over the last month or so...
  • I've cried at the end of the Dr Who episode about Vincent Van Gogh, because the credits said if we'd been upset by the episode we could go to this special BBC mental health website, BBC Headroom, for support.
  • I've cried at the meditation workshop I was at the next day at the beautiful Abbotsford Convent. We were supposed to be imagining a beautiful garden, and I just got sadder and sadder.
  • Started taking 2000mg St John's Wort twice a day, again, as once a day was just not doing it for me.
  • Wondered if there's something wrong with me for putting up with a husband who won't do the basic things he needs to do to take care of himself.
On Tuesday I finally got to go to my carer support group again (it has been six weeks, we only meet twice a month but my meditation workshop meant I missed one meeting, and then the Melbourne Cup meant the other was cancelled).

I talked about how I was doing and that I was taking care of myself but feeling so sad. Individual members helped me understand I was in a grief phase. Earlier this year I attended a workshop on grief (run by the CEO of Griefline) in mental health caring - the grief for the life, hopes and dreams we had, that we can no longer attain. It is sometimes referred to as burnout, disenfranchised grief or compassion fatigue. The problem is, there is no closure, no definite steps, little family or community support (unlike bereavement or something physical like a heart attack or cancer diagnosis) and it goes up and down and around like a roller coaster.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to go on another respite day, but apparently the government decided my region had enough funding and I didn't get to go. So I went back to Peninsula Springs, and this time I took hubby. Oh, we had a glorious day... and hubby has never felt so relaxed, so why am I feeling so sad again?

I need some more self care
  • Call Griefline and/or Carers Victoria and see if I can get some counselling around my grief.
  • Research programs that might help hubby with his combined issues (chronic pain, painkiller addiction, anxiety, and depression).
  • See if I can find somewhere the whole family can go and meditate or do yoga together.
  • Find somewhere closer hubby can go for regular bathing in warm water.
I'm glad to be back... I hope some of my followers are still out there!


  1. Hi Hun, I was going to write to you tonight to say I miss you and then I found you are back here. It's wonderful!!!
    I am sad to hear things are hard with your DHubby again you are in my prayers . I find blogging does help a lot it keeps us in contact even if people don't leave comments it's still good to write it down and get it out of our systems!!
    How is your flying going? I miss you at the forum!
    How are your children going? And how is work?
    Jilly xxxx

  2. Hi Jilly, I miss you too! Thankyou for your prayers, they are always welcome :)

    Not flying particularly, but we are making progress decluttering and cleaning slowly.

    Work is good, children are well. Daughter is loving girl guides.

    Thanks for posting!

    Sapphyre XOXOX