Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pets: I need to be responsible for them

We've had the kitty for a week, and she hasn't been to the vet for a checkup yet.

Worse, I had a dance (not intentionally) with our 14yo Siberian Husky yesterday, and stood on his very sore toe... which then bled every way. I am taking him to the vet now, but he should've been back ages ago. I keep relying on DH to take them to the vet, because they're "his" pets. But how can I rely on him when he is suffering pain and depression?

So, I'm going to take responsibility for the pets vet visits, injections, etc. DH can do feeding, watering, exercise, and medication, i.e. the daily stuff.

Update 1:30pm
It's good news for our Husky... the sore toe was mostly scar tissue now, so we just need to keep it clean, and give him some pain killers for a few days. The vet gave me some anti-inflammatories to use for a few days, which will help with any toe pain as well as his arthritis. He also said we can try a quarter of a Tramadol XR 200mg (which I just picked up for DH, and he won't need the whole pack) and see if that helps. If it seems to help, we could try a whole tablet.

Next pay (more than 3 weeks away) I will take him for a course of cartrophen shots for his arthritis. The shots aren't expensive (will cost approx $110 for four shots over the month), but we've already had lots of unexpected expenses.

I also booked the kitten in for a checkup next Wednesday to determine her age, and what worming and vaccination needs she has.

Update 10:40am The Next Day
Well DH, didn't give the Husky his first dose last night, so I did this morning. I've put checkboxes on the calendar for the next 5 days. I also ensured DD fed the dogs. So, I guess I'm also taking on supervision of meds and food.

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  1. Hi Sapphyre, it's so good your dog is ok! You are such a good pet Mummy. They become like family don't they? All the best with Kit at the vets on Wednesday.