Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My weight loss is going well!

I have now lost 5.5kg since I weighed myself on March 22 this year. That's an average of a kilogram a day! I'm now overweight instead of obese, with a BMI of 28.7. I'm using a relatively new weight loss program called Bodytrim.

Check out the Bodytrim website!
This is not advertising; I'm just a very satisfied customer - oh, and I haven't paid them a cent since the original purchase!

Recent weight loss history
2004 DD was born (9 lb 10 oz and no stitches)
2007 (74kg) January - started weight watchers
2007 (62kg) May - reached goal weight (but kept losing.... and not feeling healthy)
2007 (56kg) August - started taking an anti depressant
2007 (61kg) October - started counselling
2008 (65kg) January - Joined - trying to stop gaining weight.
2008 (68kg) September - saw a naturopath, diagnosed with zinc deficiency and functional hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
2009 (76.8) January - after returning from holiday visiting inlaws
2009 (77.1kg) March 22 - Finally maintaining. But I'm now obese.
2009 (71.6kg) April 29 - 5.5kg lost since started Bodytrim March 22. Yay, Bodytrim!

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