Monday, May 4, 2009

How do you do it? Time management and prioritizing

Every week I struggle to work my 35 hours. I often end up catching up on the weekend or using leave. Prior to April, I worked 40 hours a week, so things have certainly improved. Thank goodness for flexible work schedules and understanding employers!

Today I created a timetable for myself. Now looking at it, I can see that during the week, if I allow time for school drop off / pick up, lunch, and only working Monday to Friday, I only have 36 hours available to work! (No wonder I was having trouble with 40.)

That's for a regular week. I will still need to use leave or work on the weekends sometimes when we have appointments to attend. Fortunately, work hasn't made a fuss about me using my personal care leave to take care of my family.

With prioritizing, the hardest thing I've had trouble accepting is that everything won't get done. However, if I decide what's most important, soon the other tasks fall off my list or end up getting done later (eventually).

I am now using todoist to track things I have to do. I love it for the following reasons:
  1. It runs in my browser in a side-bar so it's always there.
  2. It allows emails (gmail) and any web page to be added as a task!
  3. It's very easy to use.
Here's a life example. DS left on his school camp this morning. Getting him to camp was my main priority since Friday evening.
  • We shopped Saturday afternoon (needed additional shoes, and has grown out of pants and jumpers).
  • We packed yesterday afternoon.
  • Last night I washed some additional clothing and then wrote on my hand it needs to go in the dryer.
  • When I woke up, I put those clothes in the dryer.
  • I made both kids lunches, but only packed DS's.
  • Packed the original clothes, 5 minutes before we were due to leave realised the zipper was broken on the gym bag they were all packed in!
  • Found another back, repacked, and moved the luggage tag.
  • Dropped DS at school gym. Realised we'd forgotten his pillow.
  • Came home, DD was dressed and ready to go. Even though she was demanding I pack her lunch, I told her we didn't have time as I had to get DS's pillow to him
  • Got DD to school early and got DS's pillow to him.
  • Came home, packed DD's lunch, and then got it to her classroom.
  • Came home and started work
See it's easy when you prioritize!


  1. Hi Sapphyre, you are doing so well WTG! I love your blog it's always interesting. I hope your DS has a good time at camp.

  2. Thanks Jilly. I'm sure he will... I just hope he hasn't given everyone on camp the lice we just found on his sister's head!