Friday, May 22, 2009

Lice, tonsillitis and pink eye. Oh my!

Does anyone want my family?
  • DD has lice. (Not again! That's it. I'm chopping her mop to short curls. I can hardly get a brush through it, let alone a nit comb.)
  • DS went on camp and came back with tonsillitis, which he gave to me. (Yay, I'm still on the antibiotics)
  • DD now has conjunctivitis, most likely viral (or it could be impetigo as she seem to have that too!!!). I haven't got rid of the lice yet! Oh well, at least she has a better reason for staying home from school.
  • DH has run out of (good) painkillers and is spending half his day in bed, the other half asking me to keep the kids quiet, while I'm trying to work as a professional software developer.
Hang on, two positives:
  • At least we haven't got the Swine Flu. (Touch wood!)
  • Oh, and the kitten is recovering beautifully from her desexing the other day.

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