Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When work + care = stress!

Today I let DH have an earful! He had been talking to our friend T out the front for a long time. DD was in bed having a nap (she's home today because she has headlice, but that's another story), and I'm on the phone in the middle of a complex meeting about a difficult technical issue (no office politics thank goodness)... when he says "I' m following T home, Okay?" I wave at him, in annoyance, not really listening. Then he went back outside.

3 minutes later DD woke up. She hasn't had any lunch. I'm in the middle of a work discussion (conference call at their end with multiple people), and it finally sinks in that he has left me in the lurch! I can't feed DD lunch and be in a complicated discussion!

Fortunately DD is in a good mood and actually follows my gestures and gets herself something to eat... but I am livid...

As soon as I get off the phone I feed DD, then try to ring DH on his mobile... ring ring... oh it's still here! Great, not only did he take off without a discussion, he didn't even take his phone. (I need him to come home as the issue is still progressing.) Now, I'm just angry... and when he walks in the door I basically yelled what I was mad about and said he's not allowed to leave the house without discussing it with me (when there is a child here and I'm working)... he's overwhelmed with how mad I am... and I ask him, "How do you like it? It's not much fun being on a short leash, is it?"

Anyway, we have calmed down now and are talking to each other again. I have apologized for my reaction, and he has agreed to discuss leaving the house with me and not do it while I'm distracted. So, we have an improved relationship!


  1. Hi Sapphyre, I am so glad you worked things out with your DH I don't think they (men) understand how we feel unless we sit them down and really tell them. So good for you Hun!
    Thinking of you and praying for you {Hugs}

  2. Thankyou Jilly. I appreciate your support - you've been married 18 years longer than I have :)

  3. Hi Sapphyre, I appreciate your as well. Times goes fast when you are having fun Hun!